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Search Engine Optimization, includes a set of organic practices performed with a goal of increasing the ranking of the website in Google. A website can be made available on the search engine in the top results to the target audience, provided a good quality and consistent SEO practices are performed.

In order to rank high in search engines, a website needs proper and an effective strategy for developing or optimizing the pages. Having said that, about 68% of the searches online are made on Google, and if one’s website is not found on google then they are literally losing about 68% of the potential reach on the internet. Hence, the role of Digital Marketing agency or service provider is the most crucial while planning and executing the efficient search engine techniques.

SEO experts at Swio, majorly aim at finding the best ways to run the organic search engine optimization techniques, rather than focusing on just ranking of the website in google. With a vast scope for amendments and changes in the algorithm and process of Search engine, we at our organization have regular knowledge enhancement sessions. Being one of the top digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad, we believe in understanding the need of an SEO strategy for a website and always follow ethical SEO strategies. Performing ethical SEO activities increases the mileage and credibility of the website, which in-turn increases the engagement and tractions on the site, ultimately this results in a good ranking.

Keyword Optimization

SEO is always directly related with the choice of best keywords. Swio| The best SEO service provider in Hyderabad focuses on the proper selection of the keywords and industry level keyword optimization.

Meta Tags Optimization

Website is audited by the Search Engine with respect to the website title, description and meta tags for the purpose of ranking. It involves a thorough research on the viewers search behavior and SEO parameters too.

Page Speed

Google Search Engine considers the load speed of the website as one of the prominent parameters for the ranking. Today’s trend demands a better user experience of the website in mobile device.

Rich Mark Ups

Getting listed in search engines and social networking sites increases the website domain authority, which in-turn helps in the website ranking. This results in gaining more traffic to the website.

SEO Friendly Content Optimization

Mentioning the keywords number of times in the website content is not the better practice for SEO ranking, in-turns it creates a negative effect the SEO. Instead, the contents need to be drafted in SEO friendly and impactful way.

Blog Setup

Content creation has been emerging as a best practice to increase the SEO ranking. One of the major ways to create and publish the content is a blog. Publishing the blog with the SEO friendly content shall rank the website.

Search Engine Submissions & Directory Submissions

With all the above methods kept ready, the SEO experts at Swio shall start with the core activities of the Search Engine Optimization, where the search engine submissions and directory submissions play a prominent role.

Social Media Optimization

Search engine optimization results in the top ranking, and ranking is directly supported by the content creation, and one of the best mediums for the content publishing is Social Media.

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Engine Optimization

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Media Optimization

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Profile Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO, also called as Search Engine Optimisation. Following few quality techniques in SEO can rank our website in the top results of Search Engine.

Both SEO and PPC are important undoubtedly. Establishing domain authority (the most important factor for results in PPC), can be achieved only through Search Engine Optimisation. .

The on and within the page technical work done is said to be On page optimisation in SEO. On-page SEO shall include many aspects which is mostly considered to be a onetime activity in Search Engine Optimisation process.

The significant change in SEO since an year is, a very fast shift towards mobile. Google is considering the Mobile Page speed as a crucial factor for ranking in Search Engine Results. Accelerated Mobile Pages is the best way to cope up with the new demand of Google for the better SEO Ranking.

SEO, always is process revolving around the keywords. Hence, keyword research also plays a major role in the SEO ranking of the Website. Finding out the best and most searched keywords or phrases on Google relating to our proposed services or products is meant to be Keyword Research.

Each and every bit of content we create and publish online helps us to add value to the SEO for our website. Googles SERP’s (search engine results per page) are mainly focusing on the blog results these days.

Securing our website shall add value to the domain authority and SEO Ranking activities. Google Firebase hosting now is offering the Security for free, provided we host our website on Google Firebase.

Backlinks denote a vote of relevance of our site with others. The more bankliks that our website earns, more will be the value added for the Ranking on Search Engine Optimisation.

Domain authority, as the name itself implies; it is the authority that a website’s domain has to gain the better placements on google search engine. .

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